We, two brothers btw, are stock market enthusiast looking in from outside with no official links to it, apart from being invested on to it at least. We have had a very interesting journey of wealth building.

Coming up with business models and trying out new things has always been something that we were interested in. During the Ola / Uber boom we had a small fleet of vehicles running under us, then later we kickstarted another business where we were providing software solution to a small clientele abroad. Then we tried our hand in setting up an experience centered travel gig which came to a screeching halt before even it began due to the pandemic. Rest assured, we have had some diverse experiences.

Amongst everything, we always had one interest which was common underlying bedrock : Share market investment and Personal financial management. Ever since our school days, we were intrigued with it and how underappreciated it is by general public. Also being good at it helped. Consistently, We make good returns on money we invested in stock market.

We are here just to share our journey of wealth creation and if possible to tag you along with us. Fair disclosure : If you want to know “How to make 10x money in 1 month?” or to “How to become an overnight millionaire?” you are in the wrong site. But like us, if you also believe in wealth accumulation over long term, then we are here to help you out.

By stretch of imagination, our investment journey wasn’t easy or straight forward. When we began, it was overwhelming experience. There are literally 100 stock recommendations a day, reputable people predicting unprecedented bull run, industry experts anticipating prolonged recessions. We were always second guessing our decisions. There were quiet a few of lucky successes and random failures. At some point, it all became so taxing that we felt clueless and claustrophobic.

We decided to take a pause and started to organize ourselves better. We read at least 5 hours a day, we spent time on understanding how things worked. Right from Government bonds to commodities to derivatives to equities. Speaking to experts, business leaders, stockbrokers, venture capitalists and fellow common investors like us helped.

“We don’t have to be smarter than the rest,

We just have to be more disciplined than the rest”

Warren Buffet

We strived to expand our knowledge horizon. The common conclusion we arrived at?! Be patient, disciplined, always take informed decision, never speculate and never ever second guess your decision without solid empirical evidence. This philosophy brought us together.

Suddenly, lucky guesses converted to obvious expectations, random failures converted to justifiable learning. We were able to act with conviction. This is not to say we are already an expert or can guarantee 100% success rate, but we want to share our learning to wider forum. We do believe we have a fair understanding of the art of wealth creation.

We strongly believe in systemic accumulation of wealth purely based on scientific approaches for diversification, asset analyses and risk management.

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