Know your life goals to plan your investment

Before you can begin your investment journey, stop right now. Any initiatives will be successful with planning and for a kick ass plan, be very clear and ask yourself “Why?”Read more

Understand available Investment Options

Before you can decide on personal investment plan, let us understand what are all the options available for investmentRead more

Discover yourself : Know who you are

At the risk of sounding too philosophical, a person who knows thyself is most likely to succeed at achieving their financial goal. The main reason every individual is asked to come up with their own investment plan is to ensure that we can come up with a plan that is best suited for us and who we are.Read more

Define Investment Strategy based on your Risk profile

A wise man once said ‘”Never put all your eggs in one basket”That statement must be as accurate as it gets in your investment plan. Focus should equally be on even allocation as much as resource you invest. Read more

“Getting Started” – Illustrating how Suresh and Ramesh did it

Just to let you know how it can be done, let us show you examples of couple of our friends Mr.Suresh and Mr.Ramesh on how they assessed their current status and then planned Read more

Demat Account : An essential requisite

After you have successfully devised your detailed plan, you should know how to execute it. First step in it is to set up a demat account. Read more

Investment Principles – few Dos and Donts

We have provided you few Do’s and Don’ts of investment. These are our investment principles that worked for us. While we can never guarantee anything, we have strong conviction that these investment principles will hold you in good steadRead more