SEBI mandates multi cap mutual funds to be multi cap

Unless you are someone who’s not interested into stock market or have suddenly gone off the grid, there are highRead more

Know your life goals to plan your investment

Before you can begin your investment journey, stop right now. Any initiatives will be successful with planning and for a kick ass plan, be very clear and ask yourself “Why?”Read more

Art therapist help clients release feelings and emotions through symbols and metaphors such as doodle therapy, colour therapy, etc. WeRead more

Coat tail investing

Common investors replicate the portfolios of famous investors. That’s one way to pick a stock. This is known as copycat investing.Read more

Patience - Time in the market rather than timing the market!

It is important to have patience while investing. But you must sell your investment when the reason for which you invested, no longer exists.Read more

Money managed between dividend and growth mutual funds will be a rewarding experience

We all love customizations. Don’t we!? One highly underrated aspect of mutual funds is the customization they provide in terms of dividend payout Usually when we invest in stocks, whenever a company chooses to provide a dividend payout, it automatically credits on to our account. Read more

Set your sights clear, direct mutual fund is the way to go

If you are a long term investor like us, you would be amazed how this decision impacts wealth accumulation. Even small things matter. And choosing the type of mutual fund is one such one percenter (Literally) which has huge impact.Read more

SIP is good, but you still have to manage it a bit

It is often advised to continue with a SIP. While that may be true, it’s equally important to make a systematic allocation of the investments.Read more

Owning credit cards is not as bad as people make yo believe

“Live within your means.” How often have we heard this from our elders? But, are we being too risk averse? Are we holding on to the outdated advice and missing something? I certainly have few reasons to believe so.Read more

What is the taxation on the shares you hold?!

It is important to understand the impact of taxation on your investments. The dividends and the capital appreciation on shares will be taxed.Read more

Beware! PF withdrawal will impact your retirement & social security

If we succumb to our urges and break the “piggybank” and jump straight into it, we end up with a huge hit in our retirement corpus. Read more