Money managed between dividend and growth mutual funds will be a rewarding experience

We all love customizations. Don’t we!? One highly underrated aspect of mutual funds is the customization they provide in terms of dividend payout Usually when we invest in stocks, whenever a company chooses to provide a dividend payout, it automatically credits on to our account. Read more

Set your sights clear, direct mutual fund is the way to go

If you are a long term investor like us, you would be amazed how this decision impacts wealth accumulation. Even small things matter. And choosing the type of mutual fund is one such one percenter (Literally) which has huge impact.Read more

What is the taxation on the shares you hold?!

It is important to understand the impact of taxation on your investments. The dividends and the capital appreciation on shares will be taxed.Read more

National Pension Scheme - Income for all

Pension scheme for retirement to reap safe, market-linked returns through professional management by experienced pension funds.Read more

Gold - More than just vanity

Gold market is an attractive space for investors due to its high level of liquidity with return in line with the inflation rate.Read more

Provident Fund - Powerful Dark Horse

Employee and employer contribute 12% of salary in provident fund which will act as the retirement corpus for the employees. Voluntary, long and sustained investment leads to a significant corpusRead more

ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) - An Investment bouquet

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a bouquet of investment instruments such as stocks, gold, or bonds. ETFs are in very similar to mutual funds, but listed in the stock exchange.Read more

Commodities - Hedge against inflation

Hard assets used in everyday life. Traders buy and sell commodities as papers in commodity market. The basic principles of supply and demand drive the markets similar to the equity market. Read more

Bond Ratings - For Govts. and corporates alike

Government security bond is one of the safest available market instruments. But, what about corporate bonds. How do we judge it?Read more

Mutual Fund : Worth the hype around it

Over past few years, one of the most popular (market linked) and justifiable avenue for beginning the investments have been “Mutual Fund”Read more