Coat tail investing

Common investors replicate the portfolios of famous investors. That’s one way to pick a stock. This is known as copycat investing.Read more

Patience - Time in the market rather than timing the market!

It is important to have patience while investing. But you must sell your investment when the reason for which you invested, no longer exists.Read more

SEBI mandates multi cap mutual funds to be multi cap

Unless you are someone who’s not interested into stock market or have suddenly gone off the grid, there are highRead more

SIP is good, but you still have to manage it a bit

It is often advised to continue with a SIP. While that may be true, it’s equally important to make a systematic allocation of the investments.Read more

Skyrocketing inflation

In the long run, by investing only in fixed deposits , you end up not only losing out on higher returns (read opportunity cost) but your capital also gets eroded. Isn’t that a shocker? Losing money? In fixed instruments? You probably are wondering what we are smoking. But…Read more

Understand available Investment Options

Before you can decide on personal investment plan, let us understand what are all the options available for investmentRead more

Define Investment Strategy based on your Risk profile

A wise man once said ‘”Never put all your eggs in one basket”That statement must be as accurate as it gets in your investment plan. Focus should equally be on even allocation as much as resource you invest. Read more